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Recap: Phoenix Suns pants the Portland Trail Blazers, 120-106, get back above .500 for the season

This picture feels appropriate....

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

This game overall felt like a high school prankster pants'ing one of his peers after they got hit in the mouth. The Portland Trail Blazers punched the Phoenix Suns in the month, turned around, preened, and then the Suns pants'd them. In the end the Suns collected a 120-106 victory, that could have easily been much worse than what it was.

Early on the Blazers were in control pacing the offense though LaMarcus Aldridge. When the game was controlled in the paint, the Blazers were in control of the game.

In the first quarter they jumped out to a 32-21 lead with 18 points in the paint (8 second chance points) proving to be the aggressor. They had the energy and the Suns did not. Aldridge had 11 points after the first quarter, they had all the energy, and were in firm control of their 14 the win of the season.

It was all downhill for the Blazers after that.

Goran Dragic (31 points 10 assists), Channing Frye (25 points 9 rebounds), and Gerald Green (10 points) all caught fire and the Suns out-scored the Blazers 99-74 from the second quarter to the final buzzer. The Suns had the energy. They stole the momentum and flat out pants'd the Blazers who have been as hot as any team in the NBA so far this season. In the second quarter the Suns scored 40+ points for the second time this season connecting on 5-9 shots from three-point range.

The hot shooting continued into the third quarter as the Suns shot 3-8 and locked down the Blazers.

Aldridge finished with 24 points, Robin Lopez collected a double-double (10 points 10 rebounds), and Damian Lillardchipped in with 16 points.

The Suns can hand their hat on their two best performances of the season here at home, both against the Blazers winning by 13 and 14 points respectively.

If you didn't have anything to be thankful for tomorrow, the Suns served you up a dish of warm victory tonight.

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