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The Great Philly Debate Part Two: How is the Michael Carter-Williams Era being embraced and some differing opinions on P.J. Tucker

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It was so nice, we broke it half and decided to give it to you twice...

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If you didn't get a chance to read Part One, go back and read it, but other than that let's get to it! Here is Part Two of The Great Philly Debate with Michael Levine of Liberty Ballers:


Let's take this in to overtime for a minute. With both the Suns and 76ers both getting a game under the belt, each were surprising and impressive in different ways. What is your one game, way too early, instant (over) reaction to Michael Carter-Williams having an otherworldly rookie performance?

The Suns were impressive in the fact that they played with amazing energy, got off to a hot start, and held off what most people would consider a playoff team. That was an entertaining game. The rookies were not overly impressive, but they are also not a part of the fabric of the team just yet.

It is a one game snap shot for both teams, but it seems that each are going to be more exciting than a typical bottom five lottery team. -- KH

That Sixers game was the best regular season win I've ever seen. They're going to lose a lot of games, sure, but it's such a great feeling for the players and coaches when they win in such a solid way. Also an F-U to people that think they're doing something wrong, which I'd like to repeat, is ridiculous.

MCW can play at a high level in the NBA. That's what we know from this. It won't be every night, but he's got the ability to do everything on the court to become a franchise point guard. That's crazy encouraging.

Seems like the Suns are really going to ease Len back into things. I don't really agree with that, unless it's an injury concern. Giving PJ Tucker 39 minutes seems like just a bad idea all around. -- ML

With Len it is 100% an injury concern. They are easing him in because his foot is still hindering him and they do not want to cause further damage. The team has done a good job of communicating that so Len does not get an impression of a guy that not playing well or is, thanks to recent memory, another Kendall Marshall.

What is wrong with Tuck getting the minutes? He is the teams best all-around wing defender, rebounder, and player in my opinion. The alternative is Marcus Morris and/or Gerald Green. Also, for one game, Markieff Morris was suspended so they were down a big and some players played out of position.

As we wind this conversation down, which has been fun, I would be remiss if I didn't bring up Nerlens Noel. Thoughts on Coach Brown verbally committing to him not getting on the court this year? -- KH

Tucker isn't part of future plans. His contract expires after this year. If he's trade bait, I get it, but even still. You want to get those young guys in there for more time. He's inessential to what the rebuilding plan is. He's Damien Wilkins from the Sixers last year. Maybe you don't have those young guys to plug in -- I don't think much of Gerald Green -- so that's more of an organizational problem coming into the season.

Brown most certainly did not "verbally commit" to Noel not playing this season. And it's not like they're keeping him out intentionally. He tore his ACL. The Sixers spent a very high pick on him. They will not rush him back until he's ready. He's vital to the team's future success and this season doesn't matter. When he's healthy, he'll play. Brown said as much. They're just not going to deal with timetables and "he'll be back in January" because of everything that happened with Bynum last year. It was a PR disaster, and this year is all about managing expectations. I believe Noel will play 20 or so games this year. But if Brown says a date and then he doesn't make it, it'll just add to the built-up frustrations of an exhausted fan base. -- ML

I get that. You do not rush back anyone from an injury and committing to a timeline can ultimately come back and bite you in the ass. It is almost the same situation as Len, different injuries with different severities, where you do not want to overexert a piece to the future puzzle.

For the 76ers, MCW and Noel are two of those long-term puzzle pieces. They have maybe 3-4 of those pieces at this stage in the game.

With the Suns, Len and Goodwin are both pieces. They also might have a few more in (either) Bledsoe and Dragic, Plumlee, and the Morris Twins. I agree that Tucker is not a long-term piece for the team, but as a veteran leader I can see him lasting on the roster for 4-5 years for the right price to be a locker room presence. We might have to agree to disagree on that one. The 76ers do not have that middling veteran that is not overly talented, but works hard get on the court. There is value in that for the young players in my opinion. -- KH

Well, differing perspectives, sure.

Congrats on the win, good luck this season with whatever you'd like the Suns to do. -- ML

Same here, hopefully the Suns and the 76ers can be a fun and exciting product for their respective fan-bases. That is all a fan can ask for in this situation of rebuilding. Thanks for jumping on and dealing with me via email for the past few days as we get started with this current NBA season.

Based on the way Michael Carter-Williams and Miles Plumlee debuted this could be a much more interesting season than anyone would of thought, for the the teams at the bottom.

Anyways, best of luck to you in the lottery. If anything, the Suns and the 76ers both seem to need the talent the No. 1 provides and deserve a shot at a franchise star player to lead the way going forward. That I am sure we can both agree on. -- KH


What do you think Bright Siders?