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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 44: Eric Bledsoe's franchise worth, the teams hot start & more pointless tanking talk

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Hey, look, another podcast! Take a listen...

Is everyone ready for the first podcast of the season after real games have been played? If so, here is the verbal pinch required to let you know that the Phoenix Suns are actually 3-1, and some rationale as to why.

The Suns are hustling, playing hard, playing defense, and are generally exciting to watch.

In this edition of the podcast Dave King and I review the first week of the NBA season, Eric Bledsoe's phenomenal play, and the mass infatuation with the concept of tanking. Small sample size and all there is more talk about how teams are, and for that matter are not, tanking the season right. Because we all know better than the professionals, obviously...

Click Here For The Full Podcast: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 44