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Solar Flares: Random Phoenix Suns News from Week One of the NBA Season

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A look at Suns-related news from around the internet from the first week of the NBA season. Also an open thread to discuss anything and everything.

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our Phoenix Suns are 3-2 after the first nine days of the 2013-14 NBA season, with the only losses coming in down-to-the-wire bouts against Western Conference powerhouses Oklahoma City and San Antonio. It's hard not to love this team. The Suns entered the season expected by most to stumble and struggle (a particular "expert" even predicted that Phoenix would lose every single game against conference opponents) and have thus far shown that no matter what, they will play with hustle and heart. For most Suns fans this year, that is a very welcome development after the travesty that was the 2012-13 Suns team.

If the playoffs started today, the Suns would be the 6th seed matched up with the Houston Rockets. For some reason, the NBA playoffs don't begin after five regular season games so we'll have to keep tracking the team's lottery playoff status as this young season progresses. Meanwhile, let's take a look at what's been written about the Suns elsewhere on the interwebs.

Power Rankings

CBS Sports (Nov. 5) - #8:

Seriously guys, you're going the wrong way! 21(29)

Sports Illustrated (Nov. 4) - #10:

The Eric Bledsoe Show is even better than imagined in Phoenix. Three games into his first opportunity as a full-fledged starter, Bledsoe is averaging 22 points, 8.7 assists and 6.3 rebounds. He's excelling as a No. 1 option and giving opponents fits with his energy on both ends. Bledsoe and Co. are showing that Phoenix -- which was widely predicted to be the worst team in the Western Conference -- has no plans to roll over for a lottery pick.

ESPN (Nov 4.) - #16:

Presented without conclusions: The committee (of one) wrote THIS when Eric Bledsoe was not signed to a contract extension before the Halloween buzzer. In the two games since, Bledsoe spectacularly carried Phoenix late to clinch a win in Utah and then dazzled in a narrow defeat at OKC.

USA Today (Nov. 2) - #11:

Coach Jeff Hornacek gave the 76ers two good years as a player. Now his overachieving team is toiling in their shadow.

Play of the Week

There's really no other choice:

Tweets of the Week

As much as I hate the nickname "Plumdog" ("Frequent Flyer Miles" is so much better), my favorite Suns-related tweet of the week was this gem:

In other Suns-related Twitter news, former Sun Jared Dudley argued with Amin Elhassan that he believed Phoenix should have given Eric Bledsoe an extension last week:

Never mind that Jared got Bledsoe's age wrong. We can add him to the long list of NBA players who have expressed belief in Eric Bledsoe's star power.

Bright Sider of the Week

We will have a weekly "Bright Sider of the Week" segment where I will pick one commenter based on totally arbitrary and meaningless criteria. This week, brawadis earns the prestigious award for his extremely evident fandom. Congrats (I think), brawadis:


NOTE: Bright Side of the Sun does not advocate quitting your job.

Creepiest Mascot of the Week All Time

Phoenix defeated New Orleans on Tuesday and will once again play them on Sunday, this time in Phoenix. This means that Pierre the Pelican will be in town, which is good news for no one. Be wary, Suns fans:


(via @Nick_Pants)


Any other news you'd like to share? Any suggestions for weekly segments I should include in Solar Flares other than the ones above (these segments will change week-to-week because I'm just making things up as I go along)? Feel free to discuss below!