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Gamethread: Golden State Warriors (13-11) vs. Phoenix Suns (13-9)

It's "Splash Brothers" vs. "Slash Brothers" tonight, as the high scoring Warriors face the high scoring Suns in a battle of the guard tandems.

Ezra Shaw

Pregame comments from Jeff Hornacek:

  • (On defense) "Our bigs have to be up, they can't be laying back in the post. David Lee and Bogut will run those drag screens and they'll light us up."
  • (On whether it will be a high scoring game) "I thought the Houston game was going to be 130-128 but that ended up being low scoring, because both teams focused so much on being low scoring."
  • "If guys are making shots, it will be a great game to watch."
  • "This team (Golden State) they won in the playoffs last year. [Curry] knows how to pass out of a trap."
  • "We are always telling these guys to grab the rebound before the break. But David Lee is really good at reaching over and tapping the ball back out, and their guards get it and shoot."
  • "We average 25 [threes] a game. If we end up shooting 40, then I'll tell you they fell in love with it. (chuckle) Unless we're making them."
  • "They got some guys that can really light it up."
  • 'We can't have turnovers against this team, or they might kill us."
  • "We've getting a little better starting the play at the 16 [second] mark, 17 mark. I'd like to get us starting at the 18, 19 mark."

Golden State coach Mark Jackson pregame:

  • (On Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe) "Two very good players. Playing at a high level right now so it is going to be a challenge for us defensively."
  • "They are a team that is extremely well coached and are playing with a lot of confidence. They play hard."

Let's go!

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