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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 49: Blazers Edge asks the important question of why do the Phoenix Suns have the Portland Trail Blazers number?

"You go here and you go there, we got this..." -- Bledsoe directing traffic against the Blazers

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Spo

In Episode 49 of the podcast Chris Lucia of Blazers Edge joins the conversation to change it up a little bit this week. He had one central question and then the conversation just sort of evolved from there. We talked about how the Phoenix Suns (14-9) and Portland Trail Blazers (22-4) are the biggest surprises in the NBA at this point in the season.

How have the Suns beat the Blazers in 2/3 games with one game coming down to a buzzer beater? Answered that...

What is making the Suns so much better than expectations this year? Answered that...

Does Kris have a man-crush on the Blazers starting five? Answered that...

Did we talk for over an hour about two basketball teams? Probably... (yes)

We promise that this podcast is more entertaining than the 115 minutes of Joaquin Phoenix laying in a burning building and John Travolta talking him through some flashbacks. Swear. Better. This is better I swear.

Checkout Blazers Edge here

Here is the full podcast: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 49 (Joint Pod with Blazers Edge)

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