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Phoenix Suns Player of the Week: Bledsoe, Dragic, or Frye?

This was another good stretch of games for the Suns, who went 3-1 overall this week, and have won 8 of their last 11 overall. With so many players contributing, it's getting more and more difficult to narrow down the finalists and select the player of the week. Who deserved it the most this time around?

Christian Petersen

The Finalists

Goran Dragic aka "Fast and Furious"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 17.25 FG%: .432 Assists: 4.8 Steals: 1.75 Rebounds: 3.0

Dragic had another very solid week. Even though he struggled with his shot over the past two games, his relentless hustle and attacking style of play still gave him double-digit scoring in each, as he was able to penetrate through the defense and get to the rim.

Goran Dragic is proving to be one of the fastest guards in the NBA. He loves to run the floor in transition and attack the opponent in the open court...before the defense ever has a chance to get set. Even when there are a couple of defenders back, he still finds a way to split them and either draw the foul, score the basket, or both. He is undoubtedly one of the best finishers at his position, and when his shot is falling on top of all that, he is an absolutely lethal weapon for the Suns.

Eric Bledsoe aka "The Bled-Show"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 18.5 FG%: .508 Assists: 6.0 Steals: 1.25 Rebounds: 4.75

Eric Bledsoe is proving to be one of the most explosive, yet versatile guards in the league. The secret is out at this point...the Suns have a star in the making. With the exception of his poor showing in Denver, Bledsoe had a great week, and was the biggest difference maker against both the Warriors and the Mavericks. A look at his stat line shows just how many ways he is impacting the game, and he's doing so on a consistent basis.

As potent a scoring threat as Bledsoe is, he isn;'t a volume shooter who stuffs his stats by jacking up 20+ shots a game. He is an efficient and selective scorer who seems to have a great feel of when to take the big shot, but who also does a very good job of distributing for others and running the offense, as well as defending and getting his hands on rebounds and steals as well.

Channing Frye aka "Deep Impact"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 15.75 FG%: .476 3pt%: .595 Rebounds: 6.0

Channing Frye has officially arrived! The ICMF from seasons past has found his groove and has picked up right where he left off before his health scare which sidelined him last season.Channing had a great week all around, and was a big reason for the Suns productive week.

Frye is once again proving to be an invaluable asset to this team. He provides the floor spacing to open up lanes for our guards and wings to drive, and he's also shooting from long range at a very high clip. This week, he shot nearly 60% from beyond the arc...that's huge!

The Player of the Week

Eric Bledsoe

This was a close one, with so many players stepping up in so many games this week. Even players who didn't make the list, like Gerald Green, Markieff Morris, and Miles Plumlee, all contributed in big ways as well.

Likewise, it seemed nearly every player had at least one off night this week, and for Bledsoe that game was against Denver. However, Bledsoe bounced back and had one of his biggest games of the week on the very next night, when his teammates needed him most.

Eric Bledsoe is still figuring things out, no doubt about it. But what he's providing the Suns on a consistent basis is more than anyone could have hoped for when the trade was made to bring him here. He is exceeding expectations in every way, even with his unquestionable talent and potential.

It's still early, but he's proving that he has a chance to blossom into the superstar player that the Suns have been searching for.

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