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Recap: Suns beat Lakers by the final of 117-90 showing Mike D'Antoni the grass is not always greener on the other side

For the first time in ever Mike D'Antoni was upset at the lack of defense his team played at U.S. Airways Center...

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Who doesn't like a win over the Los Angeles Lakers? the Phoenix Suns improve to 17-10 on the season with a 117-90 victory over the rival Lakers (13-15) to inch closer to the top of the Pacific Division standings.

Miles Plumlee led the way with 17 points and 20 rebounds. The 20 rebounds are a career-high for Plumlee and the points were just one off. The bench chipped in with 61 points led by Gerald Green's 22 points and Markieff Morris' 19 points. The bench was raining threes and so was the team as they went 14-32 from deep to run the Lakers off the court before the holiday break.

First Quarter

The first quarter was soooo Swaggy P I do not know how to put it into words. Instead of trying to artfully describe the play of Nick Young, here is a simple list of his accomplishments in the first quarter:

  • Missed fall-away leaning three-pointer at the top of the key
  • Attempted save off of Gerald Green that turned into a Suns lay-up. It was on the Suns side of the court with no Lakers around.
  • Technical foul for arguing
  • Missed fast-break lay-up
  • Stole a pass that was going to Jordan Hill for a lay-up that resulted in a turnover.

I think that about does it. It was magic.

Second Quarter

The Suns rained threes here with Gerald Green going 4-6 and Marcus Morris going 2-2 in the quarter leading to the Suns ballooning the lead up to 64-51 at the half. The line-up of Goran Dragic, Gerald Green, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, and Channing Frye has been a game-changer for the team all year with their energy and shooting. This game was no exception.

All of the momentum swung in the favor of the Suns this quarter with the shooting and energy that the team played with. At the half Miles Plumlee had a double-double with 11 points and 11 rebounds bringing the energy on the glass on both ends.

Third Quarter

As bad as the Lakers defense was in the second quarter, the offense was that much worse in the third quarter scoring 17 points on 3-16 shooting as a team. The Suns had some highlights with Bledsoe connecting with Miles Plumlee on a dunk and the lead just kept growing. By the end of the quarter the Suns were up by 20+ points and Plumlee was working on a 20-20 night with points and rebounds.

Fourth Quarter

Two things worth note here:

1. Kendall Marshall played the final two minutes and looked like Kendall Marshall.

2. Dionte Christmas checked in and nailed a cold-blooded three in the face of the defense. It is definitely feeling a lot more like Christmas now. Happy Holidays folks.

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