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Recap: Suns take care of 76ers 115-101, rebound after loss behind Miles Plumlee career night

The worst 12 year old general manager on NBA 2K couldn't make a worse roster than what the team from Philadelphia brought to town...

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Riddle: What happens when an NBA team plays Elliot Williams, Brandon Davies, Daniel Orton, Tony Wroten, Hollis Thompson, and James Young in a game?


They get beat 115-101 on the road to the Phoenix Suns. That is what happened to the Philadelphia 76ers, with a roster that might lose a seven game series to the Delaware 87ers, on the road tonight. It is hard to imagine a worse roster than what they fielded, but we can all go home and try on NBA 2K14 this weekend.

Here is a quarter-by-quarter review:

First Quarter Review

The first quarter was all Suns as Miles Plumlee had 12 points and 5 rebounds while the team got out running scoring 15 points in transition. Plumlee had the highlight of the quarter with a dunk on Lavoy Allen, but then Spencer Hawes gave it back to him a few plays later. The offense was clicking, but the defense was non-existent again. In their last four first quarters the Suns have given up 27, 28, 24, 25, and 28 points. That is not good.

There was a cool moment in that quarter where Gerald Green hit his second three in a row and the bench -- Ish Smith, Eric Bledsoe, and Dionte Christmas, all jumped up in celebration.

After one, 36-27 Suns

Second Quarter Review

At this point the "76ers" have played Elliot Williams (started), Hollis Thompson (started), Daniel Orton, and Brandon Davies NBA minutes, Just a reminder.

This half was a showcase for how good Michael Carter-Williams really is. He finished the half with 16 points 2 rebounds 3 assists and 2 steals including one where he just took the ball out of Plumlee's hands. Overall the defense went from bad to worse this quarter allowing 32 points getting the 76ers tight back in the game. The main difference between the first and second quarter for the 76ers was free-throws. In the second quarter they went 8-9 after not attempting one in the entire first quarter giving them easy points.

The Suns went 1-1 in the quarter from the charity strip on a Bledsoe make after a technical foul.

At the half, 60-59 Suns

Third Quarter Review

The Suns took back what they gave away and extended their lead in the third quarter to take control of the game. This is usually a trap quarter where teams can fall asleep after half-time, but the Suns to the occasion behind balanced scoring from their starters. Young and MCW tried to keep them in the game with 8/22 points, but it was not enough.

Plumlee notched his career-high this quarter in points scoring 21 surpassing the previous high of 18 which he had twice this year.

After three, 88-81 Suns

Fourth Quarter Review

There was just no real chance with this roster to last a 48 minute game at the pace the teams were playing at and win for the 76ers. They fought valiantly or something like that, but came up on the losing end. Plumlee left the game to get seven stitches, then came back for more. He is a warrior. There was a lot of "trying to just run out the clock" in the fourth quarter.

Final Score, 115-101 Suns

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