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Phoenix Mercury 2013 WNBA Draft Primer

To the casual fan the decision is easy, draft the most dominant womens' athlete since Candace Parker and count the rings. But looking a little deeper and there is a very tough decision to be made surrounding three special young prospects.


The three names at the top of every draft board are pretty simple. In the end the 2013 WNBA Draft will come down to Brittney Griner, Elena Delle Donne, and Skylar Diggins for the Phoenix Mercury.

Brittney Griner -- Senior, Center, Baylor Bears

She is a dynamic defensive senior standing 6-8 and is as intimidating a player in the paint defensively in the history of basketball. This season she set the mark for the most dunks by a woman in college basketball history, but even more impressive she is the NCAA D-1 leader in blocked shots. Men and women. Griner is a double-double machine and is always in the running for a triple-double with her defensive efforts. The senior is the best all-around prospect since Candace Parker

Why She Fits:

First of all she fits any and everywhere. No team would say to acquiring a 6-8 player with Griner's skill-set. She would be the dirty worker on a team already full of all-stars allowing them to do what they do best. Simplifying her role to be a rebounder and defender could maximize her talents taking this team to new heights.

Why She Doesn't Fit:

This is where stylistically one could nitpick. Griner does not fit the mold of this offense that is constantly running up-and-down the floor scoring points. That would not necessarily highlight her special abilities as a defender. Also, the team did just ink two young promising center to new deals, meaning they would have to carry three centers on the roster.

Elena Delle Donne -- Senior, F/C, Delaware Blue Hens

She brings the size as well at 6-5 and the ability to play both the four and the five at the next level. Delle Donne is a trenmendous shooter that can score the ball in high volume as she has done over the course of her four years in college. Do not let the name of her school fool you, Delle Donne was all set at Connecticut before returning home to play closer to her family. She rebounds the ball well, shoots it from about everywhere at a high percentage, and is a viable candidate to go No. 1 overall.

Why She Fits:

That seems easy. She is a great shooter, has the size to play the five, and would give the Mercury a potential line-up of five players capable of getting 20+ points a night. Her versatility as a scorer would balance out the court like an all-star game or US Olympic trial.

Why She Doesn't Fit:

Do they really need another scorer? Are there enough balls to go around for her, Taurasi, Taylor, Bonner, and Dupree? Also, would she be comfortable playing across the country from her family? All tough questions that are not going in her favor.

Skylar Diggins -- Senior, PG, Notre Dame Fighting Irish

One of the premier point guards in the country at 5-9 with the ability to score, shoot, and distribute the ball at a very high level. Diggins is known as a scorer, but carried her team to being the National Runner-Ups with a bevy of unique talents. Her ability to break down the defense is second to nobody at this level and will be highlighted even more in the more up-tempo WNBA game.

Why She Fits:

There are very few point guards that can take over a game like "Sky" Diggins can. She has the ability to score and distribute fitting in well alongside any players. The stars on the Mercury are not getting any younger so adding Diggins could be a way to preserve the balance of greatness on the roster for the next 7-9 years.

Why She Doesn't Fit:

The team already has Samantha Prahalis, their first round pick from last year, running the point. She was impressive as a rookie showing flashes of potentially being a great player in this league. Diggins could very well be an upgrade, but can you give up on Sammy that early?

The Field:

There is no "field" in this class. The team will either take a dominant force, an amazing shooter, or a dynamic play-maker.

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