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NBA Trade Rumor: Suns interested in Al Jefferson and Gordon Hayward

As the NBA trade deadline rapidly nears, it's becoming clear that the Phoenix Suns are going to be an active player at least in the rumor market. In this lastest report, the Suns are looking at the Utah Jazz and their multiple assets.

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The Phoenix Suns, as evidenced once again on Sunday night when they failed to score 70 points, are seriously lacking in talent. As Dave pointed out recently, they do have assets to make trades and so we fully expect these trade rumors to continue unabated right up until the trade deadline at 3:00 pm ET on February 21.

Here's a new one from Paul Coro at the Arizona Republic that links the Suns to the Utah Jazz.

Reports of deadline deals swirl about Phoenix Suns
The Suns also have shown interest in a bigger splash for Utah’s Al Jefferson or Gordon Hayward. Dudley could be a part of either of those deals with center Marcin Gortat likely needed to make one work for Jefferson, a 28-year-old power forward who makes $14 million and is averaging 17.4 points and 9.5 rebounds. Hayward, a 22-year-old swingman, is averaging 13.5 points in a reserve role.

But then here's a conflicting report from ex-ESPN Insider, Ric Bucher:

Ric Bucher's post on San Antonio Spurs | Latest updates on Sulia
Latest word on Utah Jazz and who they'll keep vs. deal between Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap: Jefferson is the like -liest to stay right now, according to several opposing team executives. Consensus is the Jazz can't afford to keep both with Gordon Hayward soon to be eligible for an extension and the belief that Hayward is in the team's long-term plans

However things play out, it does seem like the Jazz will need to make some moves. Jefferson has already been linked to the Spurs but perhaps it will be Millsap who gets gone from the Beehive State. We should never forget that the Jazz are super deep in the front court with Jefferson, Millsap and young lottery talent in Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter.

As for the bigs, I've never been a huge Al Jefferson fan. He's quite talented on the offensive end and he does rebound, but defensively, he's not very mobile. He's basically a lesser version of Zach Randolph in that he lacks Z-bo's range and face-up game.

Millsap is a very nice player, but I don't see him being a great fit on the Suns. He's an upgrade at the PF but not an UPGRADE. Hayward I love, but I doubt the Jazz let him go. He seems to be a great fit in Utah. You know.

Ready. Set. Discuss.

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