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Phoenix Suns Podcast 9: Trade rumors and time for a break

Kris and I discuss the state of the team headed into the All-Star break. Unfortunately, the Suns won't be participating in the festivities and, judging from their play, it looks like the Suns started their break a week early.

This podcast is sponsored by Colgate.
This podcast is sponsored by Colgate.
Jim Coughenour

We move on to discuss the trade value of players on the current roster and how Goran Dragic may not have that much even if the Suns did want to move him. We also talk trade rumors and flip on the trade machine briefly to float a couple of our machinations for world domination.

Kris and I will be joined by a very special guest this Friday, so check in this weekend for exclusive Brightside content!

Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode Nine

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