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Report: Shumpert's camp pushing for trade

According to, New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert is interested in moving to a new team "soon".

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The most relevant discussion of an Iman Shumpert trade is one to Phoenix for swingman Jared Dudley, as the principles in the deal.

The Suns would have to take back more money, since Shumpert makes about $3 million less than Dudley and the Knicks are way over the cap. Teams over the cap are forced to make trade within 150% of the outgoing salary, and there is no reason to think the Knicks would take on even more salary just to add a guy like Dudley. There has also been rumor, from Adrian Wojnarowski, that the Suns would be willing to throw in a #1 pick in the deal to get Shumpert back.

Now Chris Sheridan's site is reporting that Shumpert's camp is interested in a change.

"There are major concerns (from people close to Shumpert) over how the Knicks are developing him," a source from another team told, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

"They feel he’s being played out of position (at small forward) and his confidence is suffering because of it. They understand the team is having success and it has to be the right deal, but they’d prefer Iman in another situation… And soon."

Who knows if this means the Knicks are closer to taking action, but they do need more shooting on the perimeter for their offensive attack and are also looking for a backup point guard to supplant Pablo Prigioni.

The Knicks SB Nation site - Posting and Toasting - is talking about this right now.

I don't quite understand what's going on here. A rough chronology of the Iman Shumpert trade rumors is: 1. Alex Kennedy reports the Knicks' interest in Jared Dudley, we all assume Shump would be part of any deal for Dudley. 2. Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Suns' interest in trading Dudley for Shumpert while denying any mutual interest from the Knicks 3. Knicks people like Mike Woodson and Carmelo Anthony vehemently dismiss any trade rumors. Shump says he's trying to ignore them. Glen Grunwald says nothing, of course.

If New York still insists on a #1 pick back along with Dudley for Shumpert, then the Suns would be wise to fight back. The Suns were adamant this week that they would only trade one of their upcoming #1s if the talent coming back was exceptional.

Certainly, the Suns thought Shumpert had a chance to be special at the draft a year ago but the risk was too high to take him in the lottery. In his rookie season, he showed potential to make a lot of outside shots and become a lockdown defender before getting hurt in the playoffs. He could thrive on a young team with lots of minutes available, once his knee is fully healed.

And there's this from Amin Elhassan, who now writes for ESPN but used to work in the Suns front office until this past summer. He knows all there is to know about Iman Shumpert and Jared Dudley, and this dude really knows what he's talking about.

This is some of Amin's take on the Dudley/Shumpert idea:

The on-again, off-again rumor surrounding the Knicks has been their interest in dangling second-year guard Iman Shumpert for the Suns' do-it-all Jared Dudley. Shumpert has the higher upside with his athleticism and elite defensive ability, but his offensive strengths are mostly limited to when he has the ball in his hands, something that won't happen in New York.

Amin goes on to talk about Dudley's talents - which we all know already - and concludes that this is a good deal for the Knicks. Get behind the $$ wall to get more more Amin. This dude is a font of knowledge on the NBA.

If I were the Suns, I would try to satisfy their needs at backup PG or lottery-protect the #1 going to New York (say, the Minnesota pick, for example).

Dudley and Sebastian Telfair for Shumpert and Marcus Camby's salary would work.


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