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NBA Trade Rumor: GMs believe Suns will make 'significant moves' at trade deadline

The NBA trade rumor mill is about move into high gear just days before Thursday's deadline. One of the most connected of insiders reports that the Phoenix Suns could be among the active teams when the deal dust has settled.


We've already heard the Suns linked to any number of potential trades via the deadline rumor machine. Marcin Gortat and Jared Dudley are the biggest potential out-going assets while Sebastian Telfair and Jermaine O'Neal have also been mentioned as potential valuable assets for playoff teams.

The only two names we've heard possibly coming back are Josh Smith -- only the biggest name in this year's deadline sweepstakes -- and Iman Shumpert. We'll only have to wait a few more days to find out of this is all just rumor noise or if the Suns front office will actually pull the trigger on a major (or minor) deal. According to the sagest of all rumor sages, Adrian Wojnarowski, however, the Suns are seen to be a player.

Twitter / WojYahooNBA: Three teams that league GM's ...
Three teams that league GM's on phones believe will make significant moves before trade deadline: Atlanta, Milwaukee and Phoenix.

Who could it be!?!

Well, at least one ESPN Insider thinks that Gortat's value has plummeted due to recent poor play which make his departure less likely.

Is Gortat's trade value plummeting? - NBA Rumors Blog - ESPN
Anything can happen between now and Thursday's deadline, but at this point don't be surprised if the Suns hold onto Gortat and go into next season with him as their starting center.

Fun times!

[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/18/13 10:09 PM EST ]

In a thrilling bit of Twitter drama, the all-knowing WOJ managed to fire off one final Tweet before the doors slammed on his airplane and a flight across the skies took any additional words from us.

Twitter / WojYahooNBA: One more: In Josh Smith derby, ...
One more: In Josh Smith derby, several teams believe Suns are determined for deal after missing on Eric Gordon and Rudy Gay in past months.

Yeah, so some other teams are now reading the minds of the Suns front office and conveying their impressions to Woj who Tweets them in defiance of a flight attendent begging him to shut down his electronic device for the sake of passenger safety. I'd like to think this is the silliest thing that will happen this trade rumor season but we all know that's not true.

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