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NBA Trade: Morris brothers reunited in Phoenix, Marcus comes to Suns in deal

The Phoenix Suns have reportedly reunited the Morris brothers by acquiring Marcus from the Houston Rockets as part of a three-team deal.

Ronald Martinez

Multiple sources of the NBA reporting variety are claiming that the Suns will get Marcus to go along with Markieff from the Rockets while Houston makes out like thieves getting another Kansas Jayhawk, Thomas Robinson, from the Sacramento Kings. The Suns reportedly are only giving up a future second round pick while the Rockets managed to unload some scraps to get the former fifth overall pick from the miserable Kings.

Forgetting about how the Rockets completely just scored on this deal and ignoring why the Suns couldn't get Robinson, the reunification of the Morris twins can only be a positive for the Suns. Marcus is the more perimeter-oriented of the two and more importantly, the bros are super close and will be happy in the same city. If nothing else, the deal gives the Suns another young asset that could be used at some future date for some unknown purpose.

No down side for the Suns...other than having to try and tell the two apart.

Marcus Morris traded to Phoenix Suns for future second round pick, according to report -

Morris has been much improved this season, showcasing a versatile skill set in Houston after a rather underwhelming rookie season. Through 54 games, he is averaging 8.6 points and 6.8 rebounds on 42.8 percent shooting and 38.1 percent from behind the arc.

Chance are slim the Suns are done dealing. We have to think (pure speculation) that someone is going to pony up for Jermaine O'Neal and/or Sebastian Telfair.

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