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NBA Trade Rumors: All quiet in Phoenix, sources say

After speaking to a few league sources and player agents here is the latest on the trade front in regards to the Suns.


There have been numerous rumors indicating that nearly every player on the current roster for the Phoenix Suns will be on the move. Most of those are just smoke and mirrors according to league sources I spoke to today.

Right now, however, the team is filtering through the offers and rumors to add more assets to the roster.

One league source told me today, "(It's) hard to say if anything will get done by the deadline." That may pertain to large moves as the team is right now embroiled in talks to make some ripples in the water before the 1 p.m. local time trade deadline.

One move that ESPN Reporter Mark Stein has mentioned the possibility of the Suns sending Sebastian Telfair to the Toronto Raptors in return for their second round pick (No. 40 today) and recently acquired fourth-year center Hamed Haddadi.

That deal makes sense for the Suns to bring in a younger option at back-up center and add another pick to the fold to replace the one used to acquire Marcus Morris.

Telfair has not been used in game action recently and any move would be doing right by the veteran who would be closer to his New York home in Toronto and playing with off-court friends Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry.

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