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NBA Trade Rumors: Jermaine O'Neal Remains Loyal To The Phoenix Suns

After acquiring two new front court players, little chance of contention, and the rumors of a potential buyout it looks like one of the teams more consistent players has committed himself to the entire season here with the Suns.


When the season began there was little doubt who the Phoenix Suns best players were supposed to be, but as the season has progressed there have been others who have stepped up their game.

One of them, without question, has been 16 year veteran back-up center Jermaine O'Neal.

He has had a resurgence for the Suns as most veterans seem to do with the great training staff here. That and his loyalty to the team that gave him another chance are the reasons why O'Neal has publicly stated he would like to remain with the team for the rest of the season.

Marc Stein @ESPNSteinLine

Jermaine O'Neal tells ESPN that he is staying with Suns and NOT seeking contract buyout. More to come shortly

That is loyalty coming from a player that is coveted by contenders to solidify their chances for a title.

Time will tell whether or not the Suns have the same feelings towards O'Neal. As the roster stands today, the team has 15 total players on the roster including recently acquired center Hamed Haddadi and tweener forward Marcus Morris. Will Jermaine make the cut?

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