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Michael Beasley: Driving fast, packing heat, avoiding arrest because he's tall

Phoenix Suns talented forward Michael Beasley might just have his height to thank for not being arrested on the morning of January 25th at about 1:10am on Scottsdale Road.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona dug up this story doing this thing called "reporting". Props to them for the "journalism thang". They acquired the police report of this incident and reported the following:

Suns forward Michael Beasley has run-in with the law
He was cited for driving with a suspended license, driving with excessive speed, driving with expired registration and failure to display a license plate on the rear of the vehicle. Driving with a suspended license and excessive speeding are criminal traffic violations, whereas driving with expired registration and failure to display a license plate are civil traffic violations. The report states the officer placed Beasley in handcuffs and arrested him, but decided to release him at the scene due to his cooperation.

There's more juicy details from the story. For instance, Beasley was packing a loaded .45 caliber pistol in his car but since this is Arizona, that's no big deal. In fact, and this might not be 100 percent correct, but I think you can be cited for driving without a loaded weapon in some parts of the state. Any lawyers out there want to check me on that one?

Another great part of the story was the officer handcuffing Beasley, taking him to the patrol car, and determining that Beasley wouldn't fit in said car so he "cut him a small break" and let Michael walk -- literally, he had to walk since they impounded his ride.

If you are looking for someone to get worked up over this and start talking about Beasley's "character issues" keep on moving down your radio dial. Speeding down Scottsdale at one in the morning is nothing compared to Mark Grace's repeated DUIs, Charles Barkley various issues, or even Jason Richardson speeding around with his young child not in a car seat.

Shame on you, Michael. Get your sh*t together. There, is that harsh enough? It's not like he allegedly committed mortgage fraud and was reportedly under federal investigation.

Oh, and the Suns released this statement:

"We are aware that Scottsdale Police stopped and cited Michael Beasley for motor vehicle infractions at approximately 1:10 a.m. on January 25, 2013. After being briefly detained on-site, he was released. According to the police report, Michael was ‘cooperative' and ‘no impairment was found' following field sobriety tests. We have discussed the matter with Michael and at this time do not believe any further action by the Club is warranted."

Moving on now to Michael Beasley's poor shot selection, inconsistent defense, and other basketball reasons.

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