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Help! We need your help!

Hey there, Bright Siders! We need your help on road game coverage!

Christian Petersen

While we have a kick-ass writing staff here at BSotS, we have come to a point in the season that folks' real-life schedules are really getting in the way of covering mid week road games for the Suns.

Kris Habbas and I have the home games covered, but the roadies are up in the air. I know lots of you watch every minute of every game, even the road games on a weeknight, and it bothers me when we don't have good coverage on the site to give you a good place to go.

Ever wanted to see your name in big, bold italic font on the front page of BSotS?

Ever wanted your words to be read by hundreds, even thousands of Suns fans?

Well, your dream is about to come true!

We need help covering road games the rest of the season, especially those played on a weeknight.

Seth lives on the East Coast, so roadies are late for him. Jim Coughenour goes to night school, doesn't get home till 10pm during the week. Jacob is in college. Sean and Jason have full time jobs and family obligations. Kris has 15 other part-time jobs outside BSotS that take up nights the Suns aren't at home.

And me, I am too old to stay up so late every night unless I'm at the game itself. Plus, I've got a wife who gives me a dirty look if I'm buried in my computer while making her watch a Suns game too many nights in a row.

So who's with me?

We need you!

Who wants to sign up to write a preview, manage the gamethread and write a recap for a road game or two?

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