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Lindsey Hunter "Let Shannon Fly," Results Unchanged In A 108-93 Loss

"Let Shannon Fly" has been a movement for 28 days and counting... That was until tonight when Shannon Brown was finally unleashed on the court for game action.


In the second quarter, the crowd broke into a roaring cheer after a timeout. That was because, for the first time since February 12th, the Phoenix Suns played Shannon Brown in a game. He was on a run of 28 days and 10 games of non-action.

The result was insignificant as the Suns fell to 22-42 on the year with the 108-93 loss to the Denver Nuggets.

This game was reminiscent of nearly every game since the All-Star break, as they hung tough nearly all game and it came down to which team was going to make plays down the stretch. He came in and hit his first jump shot, but did nothing else to impact the game in any way. But hey, the fans won.

Early on, the ball funneled through Kosta Koufos as he rattled off 11 straight points and 15 in the first quarter. He and Hamed Haddadi teetered with a career-highs in points all night. Late in the fourth, Koufos found his 22nd point at the free-throw line and Haddadi topped his previous career best in points with 13 points on an offensive rebound early in the fourth.

When a team is entrenched in a season like this, those are the types of factors that are available to keep the fans engaged.

Each quarter, the Nuggets added a few points to the lead until it was insurmountable. Marcus Morris and Wesley Johnson led the way with 16 and 18 points respectively, pacing the Suns throughout the game. Marcus had 10 of those early in the first quarter as he was the team's only scorer out of the game.

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