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Houston Rockets pummel Phoenix Suns 111-81

The Houston Rockets took the court, hoping to avenge a loss to the Suns in Phoenix on Saturday night. They did. The Suns were pummeled in unceremonious fashion: 111-81 as the Rockets turned the game into an early laugher. Except I wasn't laughing...

Give yourself a hand.
Give yourself a hand.
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The first quarter included runs by both teams as the Rockets used an early 10-2 run to take a 19-10 lead, before the Suns countered with their own 8-0 spurt to close within one at 22-21. Wesley Johnson continued his recently solid play with 10 first quarter points to lead all scorers. Jermaine O'Neal also contributed with four points off the bench in his return to action. Donatas Motiejunas led the Rockets with seven points. Ultimately, Houston was able to impose their style and reached 30 points in the quarter. Score: Rockets 30, Suns 25.

The Suns started the second quarter with four reserves, along with Johnson, and quickly closed the gap, taking their first lead since 2-0 at a score of 35-34. The Suns even extended this lead to 43-38 before the wheels fell off. At that point, the Suns' discomfiting strategy appeared to be to dig as deep a hole as possible and then crawl into it to die. Houston closed the half on a 20-2 run. Twenty to two. Even that may not do justice to exactly how deplorably the Suns stumbled to the buzzer. 19 minutes of competitive spirit transmuted into five minutes of ineptitude in the blink of an eye. Score: Rockets 58, Suns 45.

Houston finished the half with three players in double figures, with James Harden leading all scorers with 13 points. Smilin' Wes had 12 for the Suns, but only two in the second quarter. Jermaine O'Neal had six points and two blocked shots in his return, but also gave away four turnovers. The Suns trailed by 13 points despite shooting 50% from the field. Houston was plus ten from the line as they shot three times as many free throws (21) as the Suns (7). The Suns also failed to adequately defend the three point line as the Rockets were 5-10 from deep. Goran Dragic had a relatively quiet first half after his fourth quarter pyrotechnics Saturday night as foul trouble hindered his effectiveness and limited him to five points and four assists.

The third quarter started like the first half ended, as Houston's run ballooned to 27-5 before the Suns decided to rejoin the game for a brief interval. Oh, the brevity of consistent play by this team. That use of bold was to emphasize brief. After the Suns closed a 17 point gap to 11 at 67-56, the massacre ensued. Not just your standard annihilation, either. The Rockets began globetrotting while the Suns generaled along. The Suns appeared so pathetically overmatched that it is stupefying that the Suns actually knocked off this team just four days prior. The Suns lost the quarter 32-17, and if you were watching it probably didn't feel that close.

The fourth quarter was garbage time. Hot, fetid garbage. Congratulations if you actually made it all the way through the game because you showed more heart than the Suns did tonight. That is all.

Final Score: 111-81


Player of the Game:

The Rockets had a balanced attack (and the Suns were far too terrible to have a player in consideration), but I'll go ahead and give it to Motiejunas since he set a new career high with 19 points.


Comments of the Game:

No offense to Luis, but I hope we can trade him in the offseason.


Turnover. Turnover. Turnover. Turnover.

Suns basketball


Suns look quite relaxed

i.e. sleepwalking through the game


We played them even with Dragic in there.

Our offense just completely disappears when he takes a seat.


Houston running away with it

Uh oh


Last game it was Koufos.

Now, Asik. Both of them defensive centers scoring in our paint defense. Yikes.


Garrett cuts it to 30!


The Good:

Indomitable spirit. Well, that may be too strong an adjective, or completely inapplicable after the way this game degenerated into a savage beating, but the Suns are still coming out to play despite their obvious lack of talent. I know I'm reaching, but I hate leaving this section empty.


The Bad:

After the strong early start, the Suns' effort appeared to dissipate. As soon as the Rockets punched, the Suns cowered instead of punching back. The Suns' play in the second half was sloppy and uninspired... and downright embarrassing.

The Suns' defense is so bad that we're going to need to start thinking up some new the Suns defense is so bad jokes. Let me start. The Suns defense is so bad that they're now calling the free throw line AND the three point line the charity stripe. Feel free to insert your own in the comments. Who says I don't spread levity?


The Ugly:

20-2. Really? Way to close out a half, Suns. Definitely makes you salivate for the second half after being victimized by watching that bloodbath.


Final Thoughts:

Add this to a list of forgettable games this season. Some nights, the Suns just can't compete. This was one of them. For every glimmer of hope, there is the crepuscular morbidity of games like tonight. It sure doesn't feel like we're building something good here.

At least the Suns lost.

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