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Open Thread: Conference Championship Weekend

The Phoenix Suns are waffling back and forth between limping to the #3 spot in the draft vs. challenging for a pick in the 7-11 range.

Gregory Shamus

That means you need to watch all the guys that could come to the Suns over these next few weeks and start drooling. There may not be a LeBron coming out, or even an Anthony Davis, but frankly any of the top ten or so guys will be better than anyone on the Suns current roster. Or, at least, COULD be better.

Potential #1 overall pick Nerlens Noel, only 18 and already dominant on defense, won't play this weekend and might not play for many months. He tore up his ACL and just had surgery to fix it after waiting two months for the swelling to go down.

But other guys are stepping up to the plate. Marcus Smart, Ben McLemore, Otto Porter, Victor Olidapo, Alex Len, Cody Zeller (another brother!) and good old Shabazz Muhammad are all ready to set the world on fire. So are a number of other guys too, but these are the ones who've gotten my attention so far.

Here's an open thread for anyone watching the NCAA tourneys this weekend to discuss draft prospects.

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