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Suns drop 4th-straight, fall in D.C. to Wall's Wizards, 127-105

The Phoenix Suns are a bad, bad basketball team while the Wizards have been playing at a playoff level since the calendar turned to 2013. The result -- as expected -- was ugly.

Not a clue.
Not a clue.

This was my first (and only) time watching the Suns in person this year. All I can say to you fans who have stuck it out and have (gasp!) paid to see them play is this: You are a better fan than I.

Defensively, the Suns were steamrolled by John Wall's speed (17 points, 11 assists) and Martell Webster's threes (34 points, 7-10 from three). But let's talk about the Suns offense for a sec.

It's painfully clear that this team has zero chemistry, no identity, and barely a clue as to what they want to do. They vacillate between any variety of mediocre options in the coaching equivalent of a trip to the Golden Corral buffet....and that's probably not being fair to Golden Corral.

Let's try Goran attacking off the dribble and "doing something". Let's try iso-Beasley. Let's go to O'Neal in the post. Let's go to Scola in the post. Even, let's go to P.J. Tucker in the post. (Seriously, this happened.)

I understand the Suns losing games. Heck, at this point do we even really want them to beat the Wizards in this lottery ball battle? But there's nothing about this team that says "well-coached". Then again, it's just one game and it is against the Wicked Wizards of the East.

Then the wheels, as they are prone to do, came off. -Seth Pollack

First Half:

As the Suns are prone to do, they kept the game pretty close and even sorta fun through about 18 minutes. Then the wheels, as they are prone to do, came off. The Wizards went on a 11-2 run to get separation. There was a time this season back when that other guy was coaching when the Suns would make a second half run and keep games like this close. Now? Not so much.

The only bright spots were Goran Dragic's feisty play (dude hates losing) and Jermaine O'Neal doing a few nice things. Oh, Michael Beasley had an amazing spin dunk on Nene but negated it by picking up a T for Taunting and any other number of boneheaded plays. I might find the dunk video because it was nice. Then again, I probably won't. (OK, I did.)

Second half:

The Suns were "only" down seven headed into the third quarter. Blame whatever you want for what happened next but what happened next was a 36-24 quarter. Game over.

I'm not even gonna lie. I started writing this with 10 minutes left in the game. Occasionally, I look up to see if anything important has happened. As of this second, the Suns are down 121-100...nope.

Beasley made his hometown debut as a Suns with 21 points and four turnovers. Dragic had 12 points and somehow managed to rack up 11 assists from a team that went 29 percent from three.

I'm going to get some postgame quotes and say farewell to some folks I know. I may or may not share those postgame quotes depending on their quality. Guessing they won't have much new to say after this one.

Hunter quotes:

- "I will take full responsibility for my team. But in the future it won't be a matter of practicing enough, it will be a matter of practicing until we get it right. We have a lot of things to fix, and there is only one way I know how to fix them, which is to get back in the gym and work on it."

- "If I could play Goran Dragic for 48 minutes I would, but I can't kill him that way. When he is out of the game guys have to take responsibility and step up, that's just the reality of it. But it may be a matter of me having to play him 48 mnutes and if I have to do that I will."

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