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Phoenix Suns Weekly Player Rankings: March 10th - 16th

This has not been a good week for the Suns, who continued their losing ways to go 0-4 overall, with the capstone being a terrible effort against the Wizards last night. However, with every loss comes another ping-pong ball, and believe it or not, there are at least a few players still trying out there. Here is a look at where the players ranked over the past week.


1. Goran Dragic

Weekly Average: 13 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 steals in 32 minutes of play

Dragic continues to do more with less, and seems to be one of the few players on this team still giving it his all out there each and every night. Goran's shooting efficiency has been up and down lately, but that probably has more to do with him feeling the need to be the go-to guy and trying to make something out of nothing when the rest of his team isn't able to produce.

2. Jermaine O'Neal:

Weekly Average: 12 points, 4 rebounds, 1 blocks in 25 minutes of play

Jermaine O'Neal only played three games this week after returning from being with his daughter who was going through heart surgery. However, O'Neal's impact was felt almost immediately upon his return as the Suns were in desperate need of a big man after Marcin Gortat was lost for the rest of the season due to a Lisenfranc foot injury. O'Neal is playing at a very high level and is more than making up for Gortat's absence in the starting lineup.

3. Michael Beasley

Weekly Average: 11 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal in 24 minutes of play

Beasley had a really solid week and was surprisingly efficient from the field (for Beasley) going 17/41 overall. I'm not sure how or why Beasley's play and commitment level ebbs and flows from one game to the next, but he seems to be in the midst of an upswing at the moment, and actually seems to care right now. When Beasley is playing well he can really give the team a lift, the problems seem to occur when you try to depend on him to do so.

4. Jared Dudley

Weekly Average: 10 points, 2.5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal in 21 minutes of play

Dudley has rebounded from a couple of frustrating weeks and seems to have one again found his way. J.D. was one of the most consistent and efficient players this week, and seems to be adjusting to his reduced minutes that have been used to accommodate increased minutes for players like Wes Johnson and Marcus Morris.

5. Wesley Johnson

Weekly Average: 11 points, 3 rebounds, 1 steals, 1 assist in 26 minutes of play

Johnson has had a few really good weeks for the Suns since being freed from the end of the bench, and while he was still productive this week, he did seems to take a small step backwards over the past two games. Still, he has been playing pretty darn well overall, so I'm hoping he will pick up where he left off before embarking on what had to have been a physically and emotionally taxing road-trip. The Suns will need him if they are going to take down the Lakers on Monday night.

6. Markieff Morris

Weekly Average: 9 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist in 27 minutes of play

After Marcus Morris arrived and seemed to hit the ground running, Markieff seemed to receive a boost from his brother's arrival and began playing noticeably better. Keef had a couple bad games to start the week, but really picked up his game against Atlanta and the Wizards and showed flashes of the potential that continues to frustrate the fans. Neither Keef nor Cus have shown the ability to be consistent thus far, but Markieff gets the nod for the "greater twin" of the week.

7. Luis Scola

Weekly Average: 6.5 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assist in 16 minutes of play

Scola is what he is, the consummate professional who will give you consistency and efficiency night in and night out. Although his role has been greatly reduced since the start of the season, Scola continues to do what he can to help the team when he is called upon.

8. Hamed Haddadi

Weekly Average: 5 points, 5 rebound, 1 block in 14 minutes of play

Only a couple of weeks removed from nearly being waived after being acquired as as filler with the Marcus Morris trade, Haddadi is now registering substantial minutes as the backup center in the wake of Gortat's injury, and is actually playing decently. Haddadi isn't skilled or athletic, but he's huge, and that in and of itself can prove to be an advantage as the Suns have come to realize. His 13 point, 8 rebound performance against Denver was certainly his highlight of the week, but he has done at least ok in most of the games he has played in.

9. Marcus Morris

Weekly Average: 6 points, 1.5 rebounds in 18 minutes of play

After hitting the ground running once being traded to the Suns, Marcus took a step back this week and appeared to struggle to find any rhythm to his game. Marcus shot a paltry 10/29 from the field this week, and managed to grab only 6 rebounds in 74 minutes of playing time. Marcus had one good game against Denver in which he scored 16 points on 6/13 shooting, but he's had three bad games in a row and needs to turn it around quick.

10. P.J. Tucker

Weekly Average: 3 points, 5 rebounds in 21 minutes of play

Tucker found himself with a rare DNP-CD against ATL after two straight games of 0 points and 1 or 2 rebounds. Well, it appears the message was received loud and clear as Tucker responded with an 11 point, 9 rebound performance against the Wizards, as one of the few bright spots on the team. Still, this was an underwhelming week overall for Tucker, and he'll need more efforts like last night if he wants to keep his playing time over all the other wings on the roster. Even though this was probably Tucker's worst week of the season overall, he still beat out Kendall Marshall for the last spot (who also had only one good game on the week) because of his defense.

So there you have it. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

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