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Video: Hunter, Marshall, Scola, and Dudley on the Lakers win

Interim Head Coach Lindsey Hunter spoke to the Suns efforts on the defensive end and the overall team effort in a big win against the Lakers. He is clearly impressed with the development of Kendall Marshall's jump-shot.........

Luis Scola came off the bench in the fourth quarter and was a ball of energy. Not one person on the entire Los Angeles Lakers team could stop or match the intensity of Scola on the offensive glass (3 offensive rebounds) or defend him (14 points) in the quarter.

The key to winning for the Phoenix Suns, according to Jared Dudley, is limiting the turnovers and playing opponents on the second game of a back to back. Also, on a more serious note, it is about the consistency and confidence building off of these types of games.

Kendall Marshall continues to allude the element of confidence. He is gaining his as the season grows long and the team as a whole has to play with confidence on a more consistent level.

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