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Dragic nutmegs Nash on fast-break

Goran Dragic has been passing the ball through players legs in the halfcourt all season, but not cross-court on the fast break.

But Dragic said this was not the first time he'd passed the ball through an opponent's legs on the fast break.

"I already did that once, against Mike Bibby in my second year. Same pass."

But this one had to be extra-sweet, doing it against a friend and former mentor.

"Yeah (chuckle)," he said with a chuckle. "It just happened. That was the only pass available. If not, he could kick it.

"When the ball went through, Steve gave me the look and I was laughing back. But it was just one play."

In the video, you can see Nash giving Dragic "the look" and Dragic chuckling back at him.

Fun night downtown.

*I cannot take any credit on the use of the term "nutmeg" for passing the ball between another player's legs. That was used on twitter by Seth Pollack and a few other guys after the play. I am smarter man today that I know this term. LOL.

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