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Video: Hunter, Dragic talk up Suns effort in loss

Lindsey Hunter was talking small victories and Goran Dragic praised Markieff Morris' effort.

"There are no moral victories," Hunter said. "But when you're traveling down the road you're traveling you have got to take small victories along the way."

The Suns played with maxmimum effort from every guy out there. It's just that the Pacers did the same, and the Pacers are a championship contender.

Hunter was happy with the offense, at least.

"We really shared the ball," Hunter said. "Guys passed up good shots to get great shots. That's the way you play basketball. It was a great thing to watch.

Goran on Markieff Morris (18 points, 4 rebounds), echoing the sentiments of Lindsey Hunter every time he talks about the young guys and Markieff in particular:

"He was driving and basically he should play like this every night. And if he's going to do that, he's going to be great."

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