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Suns Gorilla to coaching staff as "Effort Coordinator"?

Gurgling rumors abound today that Suns head coach Lindsey Hunter employed the Suns Gorilla in team drills today to exhibit the level of effort he wants from the players.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

The Suns Gorilla has long been known to put out "maximum effort" on the basketball court. For more than almost 40 years, he has run around, leapt, flipped and generally done whatever it takes to rile up the US Airways crowds at otherwise dull events.

Basically, exactly what the Suns need when the shot clock is running.

Practices are closed to the public, but hush-hush rumors abound among people "in the know" that the Gorilla was out the on the court, running drills to show the players out how match his level of effort every second he's out there.

He wasn't barking orders, I assume, since he has no voice. So I can imagine him animatedly gesturing players into position throughout the drills.

After practice, Suns brass was reportedly so impressed that the Gorilla has been retained as "Effort Coordinator" for the remainder of the season.

Details, attribution and actual facts to follow soon.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: April Fools!!

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