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P.J. Tucker got schooled by James Harden; is he an overrated defender?

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In this video breakdown we look at P.J. Tucker's individual defensive performance against James Harden. The video and numbers don't look good for the Suns "stopper".

Here's the basic numbers from Tucker's night against Harden:

-Harden went 8-20 (.400) on the night*

-Against Tucker: 4-8 (.500)

-Against all other defenders: 4-12 (.333)

-Film shows two solid stops from Tucker (which I didn't mention in the video but the clips are there)

-P.J. had four fouls against Harden and five on the night

-Harden had 9 turnovers on the night

-Tucker gets credit for 1.5 of those

*Doesn't include final three-point goaltended shot

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