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2013 NBA Playoff Prediction Contest

Alright Brightsiders, it's that time of year again. Make your predictions for the NBA playoffs in this thread for a chance to have bragging rights for the next year about your infinite wisdom.

To the victor go the spoils
To the victor go the spoils
Mike Ehrmann

Since all of you guys were slacking with respect to creating a fanpost for this (shame on you - you know who you are), I have taken it upon myself to create this thread for us to make our predictions. I will use the same format that was brilliantly constructed by a person of great ken and perspicuity, and actually plagiarize portions of his inimitable work by method of cut and paste.

Here's how to play: Choose the winner of each series and the number of games each series will last. You will be awarded 2 points for each correct series winner and 1 point for correctly guessing the number of games. For example (these are my picks):

Western Conference

Round One

OKC over Houston, 4-0

Lakers over Spurs, 4-2

Denver over Golden St., 4-2

Memphis over Clippers, 4-2

Round Two

Denver over Lakers, 4-2

OKC over Memphis, 4-1

Round Three

OKC over Denver, 4-2

Eastern Conference

Round One

Miami over Milwaukee, 4-0

Knicks over Boston, 4-1

Indiana over Atlanta, 4-1

Chicago over Brooklyn, 4-2

Round Two

Miami over Chicago, 4-2

Knicks over Pacers, 4-3

Round Three

Miami over Knicks, 4-2

NBA Finals

OKC over Miami, 4-2

Point totals will be displayed after each round and the story will be front paged as the results are updated. Please omit the spaces between your picks in order to truncate the comments section. Make sure to be pellucid with your picks. Ambiguous entries may be disqualified. No entries will be accepted after tip off of the first game tomorrow (Saturday 4/20).

Good luck everybody. You'll need it to depose last year's victor. Me.

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