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Phoenix Suns Podcast 16: Lon Babby given a license to drive

This week's episode focuses on futility, tanking, the two year extension of Lon Babby, NCAA tournament action (with me ruthlessly antagonizing Kris) and a look ahead at the plethora of wins still remaining on the Suns schedule.

Now we have a clear vision.
Now we have a clear vision.
Sixteen Candles - Universal Pictures

Insert your favorite 16 reference for the numerically equivalent podcast edition. I was infatuated with Molly (star of Sixteen Candles) as a child, so I'd much rather have that image burned into my head than Lon Babby who, though dapper in his own right, has decidedly less sex appeal.

Maybe you like Coreys... well, maybe not, but I was still enamored by Heather Graham, regardless of her inebriated state.


For some reason when I think 16, these movies are the first things that come to mind. But what can I say? I'm old. I like girls. But if License to Drive taught us anything, it's that half full and half empty cups can stir debate... but sometimes empty cups can actually be a good thing.

Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 16

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