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Phoenix Suns come out to play, for a half, lose 111-107

In the first half the Suns were on fire, but seemed to run out of quarters in the second half in the teams eighth straight loss giving them their longest losing streak in 25+ years.

Christian Petersen

Back in 2008 during the NBA Draft process a lot of pundits fell in love with the talent of Michael Beasley and dubbed him as the next Carmelo Anthony. Against the Dub's, Beasley flashed that ability again.

He came out on fire nailing 9-12 shots in the first half with 21 points including a half-court three at the buzzer pacing the Suns 64 point first half and fueling what became a 15 point lead. The Suns were on cruise control.

The problem was, they were on cruise control. As quickly as they took that impressive lead they gave it back with a 14 point third quarter. Goran Dragic and Beasley were the Suns offense scoring 44 of the teams 87 points through three quarters, but they could not get any help.

After halftime the Suns came out flat defensively and the Warriors took advantage going 7-10 from three in the second half, lighting the Suns up.

What was most alarming in the 111-107 loss was the fact that the Suns shot 38 times in the first half, Dragic and Beasley combined to take 19 of them for 40 points and a lead. In the second half the team took 34 shots, Dragic and Beasley combined for 10 shots and a four point loss.

Dragic finished the night by matching his career-high of 32 points.

Losing eight games in a row is a brutal feat for the Suns, even more so when you look at the rest of the league.

Only the Charlotte Bobcats (18 and 10), Orlando Magic (12, 10, and 8), Detroit Pistons (10 and 8), Washington Wizards (12 and 8), Cleveland Cavaliers (10), and the New Orleans Hornets (11) have lost eight or more games this season.

The Suns entered that elite company with tonight's loss to the Warriors.

Going forward the Suns schedule does not get any easier outside of the Hornets this Sunday, the team hits the road for three straight that could cement this team in the annals of franchise history.

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