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Center of the Sun: Losing Streaks Within Losing Streaks For The Phoenix Suns

How did the week go for the Phoenix Suns? Here is a full account of the week that was for the Suns with notes on the NBA Draft and franchise record losing streaks.


When you start a marathon you know it is going to be long and tough, but nonetheless you have to finish the marathon. For the Phoenix Suns (23-54), they gasped for air, felt their lungs burn, drank their share of water, and knelt down hands on knees through 94% of the season.

But they are nearing the finish line.

Game Recaps

@ Los Angeles Clippers- L (126-101)

vs. Golden State Warriors - L (111-107)

vs. New Orleans Hornets - L (95-92)

This is the time of year where teams like the Suns are judged and evaluated on effort and toughness. The team played tough in all three games, even getting in a shoving match with the Clippers who are fighting for a Championship this year.

In the two other match-ups the Suns had leads and the potential to win the game, but didn't have the talent to hold on for victories.

The losing streak has reached nine games overall as the Suns hit the road to try and get a win. On the season they are 7-30 on the road leaving the underlying question for the remainder of the season as; Can the Suns win another game to avoid reaching even more franchise futility?

2013 NBA Draft Update

For as bad as the Utah Jazz (41-37) were during their stretch of losing 12 of 15 games right after the All-Star Break, they have been equally as good winning 7 of 8 to position themselves firmly ahead in the race for eighth. With four games remaining against the Thunder, Grizzlies, and a home-and-home against the Timberwolves the Jazz have the opportunity to slam the door on the Los Angeles Lakers (40-37).

The Lakers have five games remaining against the Hornets, Blazers, Warriors, Spurs, and Rockets. They need to finish ahead of the Jazz since they have the tie-breaker.

Right now the Suns are slotted securely in the 3rd spot in the Draft Lottery. With four games remaining the Suns have a 1.5 game lead on the Cavaliers while "trailing" the Magic by 4.5 games. With the Lakers pick they would have two slots in the Lottery at 3rd and 14th. The third slot has won the lottery five times including last year.

The Highs

Was there one?

The Lows

To compound the current losing streak, the Suns have another streak within the streak with seven straight home losses. That is a franchise record in the worst of ways. The Suns have one more game at home to try and end the season on a high note for the fans, season ticket holders, and for their general pride.


A look at three different players on the Suns for the week forming a good, bad, and a surprise either way each week.

  • B- for Luis Scola: Two double-doubles while playing out of position at the five was impressive this week for Scola. His hustle and effort have been commendable, especially with the team losing games by large margins nightly.
  • D+ for Markieff Morris: The second year forward has started the last 16 games and as of late has shot the ball poorly, this week going 9-21 overall
  • B+ for Michael Beasley: He shot the ball very well going 17-25 in the first two games scoring with ease and confidence, but fell off a cliff with a 1-11 performance to end the week.

Player of the Week:

Goran Dragic - 18.3 PPG 2.7 RPG 5.0 APG 0.7 SPG 48.6% FG

The rest paid off for Dragic as he has played 48 minutes per game since coming back from his late season siesta. Since the All-Star break Dragic has been fantastic scoring, facilitating, and doing everything he can to push the team to victory. The Suns could use about 5-7 more Dragic's on the roster.

Previewing the Week Ahead:

Tuesday, April 9th @ Houston Rockets (43-33)

Wednesday, April 10th @ Dallas Mavericks (38-39)

Saturday, April 13th @ Minnesota Timberwolves (28-47)

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