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Video shows Markieff Morris defending well

There's no question that Markieff Morris has had an up-and-down season. He didn't make the leap that the team talked about and he's come under fire from media and fans for not being...better. Here we look at video of his defense that shows solid work from the mobile big.

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We all have our biases when it comes to players. Mine are fairly well known although I'd like to think they are based on reasonable observations and projections of talent and to pat myself on the back, my track record is pretty solid.

Markieff Morris is a guy I still like. I never thought he'd be an all-star and this season has perhaps lowered his ceiling in my mind, but he's a good all-around player who does a lot of things on the floor and shows a nice competitive spirit.

Kieff has recently come under fire for this defense and rebounding so I wanted to look more closely at that. Nothing he was or wasn't doing at that end stood out to me just watching games without being focused on him.

A comment by BSoS reader "BenchSplitter" in the Warriors game recap caught my attention and gave me the opportunity to dig into this more. This dedicated fan went back and documented what he saw as the specific issues with Markieff's defense in the third quarter of that game and so I pulled video of each play mentioned.

Below you'll see of those defensive possessions along with my take. Watch for yourself and make your own opinion. Just remember (I failed to mention this in the video) that we don't know what the defensive call is so all we have to go by is what we see and to me, Morris came out looking good to me.

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Big thanks to BenchSplitter for taking the time to detail these possessions. He can post his exact thoughts on these plays in the comments.

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