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Phoenix Mercury Media provides laughs, new faces, and an aura of excitement

The Phoenix Mercury unveiled a 30 foot banner of their No. 1 Overall Pick a month ago, but officially introduced her today to the media and the world.


Last season was tough and for all intents and purposes a historically bad season. There is that. This is a new season with new faces and the same goal; to win the WNBA Championship. Meeting with the new faces and the old faces give the feel of a team ready to get on the court and have some fun.

Winning seven games in any given season is never fun and the Mercury are ready to get back to having some fun on the court.

Here are a few videos to get your palette wet for the upcoming season that could end up being another historic season, but for all the right reasons. This team has a personality that borders on reality TV with the amount of fun the individuals have and it gets ramped up to 11 with all of them in the same room.

Corey Gaines

Diana Taurasi

Brittney Griner

Erin Thorn

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