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Ryan McDonough comes in with the right type of entourage

One of the more underplayed elements of Ryan McDonough is the company he keeps. People consistently get lamented for their entourage, but praise has to be given when necessary.

How many athletes have got themselves into trouble by simply hanging out with "the wrong crowd?" Or even "squandered" their potential by letting others drag them down after they have made it to the top?

Ryan McDonough is not an athlete or a performer, but he has risen to the top and has tremendous potential. The company he keeps speaks volumes to that. He did not saunter into the press conference decked out in a Louis Vuitton suit with bling all over and the arrogance some might have. Instead he carried with him a small group that were quiet in nature as they watched Ryan achieve his dream, but spoke volumes about the person the Phoenix Suns just hired.

The McDonough family specializes in sports excellence. Will McDonough was a long time fixture at the Boston Globe working with the Patriots, Red Sox, and all the events in the city of Boston. He was a nationally known and respected writer.

His three sons all followed along the path of sports after many long nights talking sports in the living room and having deep thoughtful conversations.

Sports along with politics, religion, and a few other selected topics are easy to speak about with lackadaisical thought and pun filled rants, but the McDonough family analyzed things as they were happening and see things through different eyes than you and I. That is because of father Will.

His son Sean McDonough has been working on the TV side of things within sports with ABC and ESPN over the years. He is the man behind the camera and knows sports from that perspective.

Terry McDonough was a part of the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl winning team in 2000 before moving to Jacksonville and now, this year, joining his brother Ryan in Phoenix as a part of the Arizona Cardinals.

Both his brothers were present and the allure of Ryan's greatness (as well as golf) brought in another universally respected sports mind to the press conference; Jay Bilas. As most already know Bilas is the anchor of ESPN's college basketball coverage and one of the brightest most outspoken minds in the world of basketball.

That was Ryan McDonough's entourage. A football scout, a sports TV producer, and a college basketball aficionado. No bells, no whistles.

Ryan is a basketball mind. He did not come in with public adulation as the "big name" that the Suns could have went after to sell tickets while ultimately floundering. Instead they got the right guy for the job, a well respected basketball mind with the pedigree and inner circle of what most would expect from a successful basketball decision-maker.

As Ryan was asked about the importance of having his family there he understandably choked up. His father was in sports and was no longer with him to see him get to this point. But the atmosphere he provided opened up the doors for the McDonough Family to walk through and make a mark in the world of sports.

Dad was the writer, Sean is behind the looking glass, Terry is football, and Ryan is basketball. It pays to have deep, thought provoking conversations while sitting in the living room.

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