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Phoenix Suns Podcast 23: Not featuring Stephon Marbury

What exactly, you may ask, does Starbury have to do with the number 23? Well, Steph is #23 in total regular season points scored in Phoenix Suns' franchise history. That's right folks. Despite playing less than two and a half years in the desert, Marbury is 23rd. Should that make us sad?

Who wouldn't want one of these?
Who wouldn't want one of these?

Another interesting factoid... Marbury's similarity scores for win shares link him to players such as Isiah Thomas, Derek Harper, Mitch Richmond, Tim Hardaway, Dale Ellis and... four ex-Suns. Small world. They are Dick Van Arsdale, Sam Cassell, Walter Davis and Gail Goodrich.

Now that I'm done with the useless, and completely irrelevant, information section of the intro, on to a more pertinent preview.

This week's edition focuses on the continuing NBA playoffs, Suns' head coaching candidates and a segment where Kris and I hand out parting gifts to the Suns' players as they start their summer vacations.

Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 23

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