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Barkey Blasts Spurs! Twenty years ago today, Charles Barkley hits winner, Phoenix Suns drop Spurs to win Western Semis

After flubbing the first two chances to win in San Antonio, the high-scoring Phoenix Suns turned to their Hall of Fame forward for the win. In the final seconds, Charles Barkley isolated against fellow Hall of Famer David Robinson and drained a midrange shot for the win.

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Since the current iteration of the Phoenix Suns is on vacation during these playoffs, we at Bright Side thought it would be fun to relive the Suns' exciting 1993 playoff run with recaps of each game. Today, the Suns and Charles Barkley end the Spurs season with a game-ending clincher by Barkley. One of the greatest moments in Suns history.

May 20, 1993: Suns beat Spurs 102-100 on Barkley jumper, win series!

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The Phoenix Suns couldn't find a way to win either of their first tries in San Antonio, shooting less than 42% each time and generally wishing they were playing at home.

But in Game 6 in San Antonio, the Suns would not be denied. Specifically, Charles Barkley would not be denied. Barkley posted 28 points, 21 rebounds (21!), 4 assists and 4 steals.

Dan Majerle played every minute of the game, tallying 18 points and 4 rebounds while defending like a madman. KJ had 18, 8 and 3 steals. A "big" surprise was Oliver Miller. The Big O put up 12 points, 5 rebounds and a huge FIVE blocks along with 2 steals. When you get contributions like that, it's easier to win on the road.

But this was Barkley's show.

For more coverage of the 1993 playoff run, including quotes and recollections, check out's band of Suns-covering dudes and dudettes!

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