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Phoenix Suns Podcast 24: Back to roots

Forgive me for being mawkish, but Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum holds a special place in my heart. It reminds me of simpler days. Back when real men wore short shorts and stadiums were named in honor of war veterans instead of airlines. The Madhouse on McDowell (recognize the sig) is firmly affixed in the lore of the Phoenix Suns' franchise.

The Madhouse on McDowell
The Madhouse on McDowell

The Coliseum served as the home of the Suns from their inception through the 1991-92 season. It may have resembled a dungeon in some respects, but it was still a great place to watch a basketball game. In the waning years of its capacity as the Suns' home court the Madhouse was involved in the a new brand of exhilarating basketball in the desert. On the heels of a cocaine scandal the Suns had one of the most remarkable turnarounds in NBA history.

After winning just 28 games in the 1987-88 season the renascent Suns rose from the proverbial ashes and let slip the dogs of war to the tune of 55 victories. This team was the original Suns' version of seven seconds or less. Maybe they should historically be donned as six seconds or less, because the 1988-89 team averaged a league leading 118.6 points per game. The inferior imitators led by Steve Nash never averaged more than 110.4 point per game.

The roster of that team included a star studded cast of Suns' greats... and some others who were at least notable for various reasons.

  • Tom Chambers
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Eddie Johnson
  • Dan Majerle
  • Tyrone Corbin
  • Mark West
  • Tim Perry
  • Andrew Lang
  • Steve Kerr
  • Craig Hodges
  • and some guy named Jeff Hornacek...
24 seasons ago. Podcast 24. Coincidence? I think not. The Suns have had a habit of sending away players only to have them return as heroes. Let's hope the new hiring follows form.

This week's edition focuses on the hiring of Jeff Hornacek as the Suns' new head coach, some lottery and draft discussion, as well as some playoff talk.

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