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Nash takes the stand in messy battle with ex-wife

Former Suns hero Steve Nash might just be in the process of tarnishing his sparkling reputation.

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We will never forget everything Steve Nash did on the basketball court. He was a magician with the ball and gave Suns fans countless memories of supreme excellence. Making Nash's time in Phoenix even more "special", was his reputation as a stellar citizen (albeit a Canadian) who avoided the brushes with the law and other off-court/field scandals that marred so many others.

(Yes, we remember you, Charles Barkley, and the many times you ended up on the police blotter.)

Now, however, there might actually be something to the various rumors and general smelliness surrounding Steve Nash's abrupt divorce which was announced literally within hours of the birth of his son.

Super Steve is back in town and took the stand so he could fight to keep his wife from moving from the Valley to be near his new home in Los Angeles. The ex-wife wants to bring their three kids to California so they can be closer to their daddy. Nash....well, Steve has a different priority:

Former Sun Steve Nash in Phoenix for court hearing
Nash said in court he would like to have his children attend school where he lives, but he also has contended Menrath’s proposal to move to California is about getting child support from him. [emphasis added]

Catch that? Steve Nash, the same guy who talked about picking the Lakers so he could be closer to his kids, doesn't want his ex to move his kids closer to him because he might have to pay child support in California. For some reason, he doesn't have to pay child support with the kids living in Arizona.

Kids close to daddy or pay more in child support. hmmmmm

Nash, it should be noted, has made at least $100m playing basketball and countless millions as a pitch man for Nike and other companies.

So, is Nash just a good daddy who doen't want his ex-wife to get more money out of him or is he just another dirtbag?

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