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Phoenix Suns pre-draft workouts start Monday, June 3rd.

Not only do the workouts start next Monday, but in a departure from the last few seasons fans will actually be able to follow the proceedings and get some insight on players the Suns may covet.

Will Dieng be in Phoenix next week?
Will Dieng be in Phoenix next week?

The workouts, which start on Monday, will also be held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week at US Airways Center. Media will be permitted to watch the last 10 minutes of the workouts and talk with the invites and Suns' staff after the workouts are completed. The list of players attending each workout will be released on the morning of the workout.

Be sure to check in on the Brightside for lots of exclusive content next week as we will be reporting from on site.

My initial takeaway is that this is a refreshing change from the clandestine nature of the last few years. I believe a team can still be open with their fans without revealing their trade secrets. Since the Suns haven't exactly been worldbeaters recently maybe they were just being furtive to disguise that they had none (trade secrets).

Either way, the new front office structure appears to have a better idea of how to walk the fine line and I'm sure the followers of the team overwhelmingly appreciate that.

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