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NBA Mock Draft 2.0 - Chad Ford - Phoenix Suns Pick Victor Oladipo at #4

ESPN's Chad Ford is a pretty good draft guy, right up there with Draft Express's Jonathan Givony and NBA Draft Insider's Kris Habbas. Ford usually hates the Suns, but today decided to throw them a bone.


ESPN Insider Chad Ford has spent the past few years bashing the Phoenix Suns at every turn, dating back to 2008. I still remember a chat he hosted with three weeks to go in the regular season in 2010 when he predicted that the SUNS would be the team that dropped out of the playoffs before it was all said and done. Yes, that's the year the Suns charged to a 28-7 finish and the 3rd seed overall in the playoffs.

To be fair, Ford's been right on his non-playoff predictions every year since. But I won't forget that 2010 prediction. Still sticks in my craw.

Anyhoo, he's taken every opportunity to put down the Suns since then, so imagine my surprise when his draft prediction paragraph actually contained some neutral-to-positive commentary!


Ford still has the Suns in the 4th position because the Draft Lottery has not happened yet. That's still scheduled for about two weeks from now. After that, the Suns would slot anywhere from #1 overall to #7 overall.

Until then, we're #4. And the Suns draft shooting guard Victor Oladipo!

Drafted ahead of Olidapo: PF-C Nerlens Noel, SG Ben McLemore and SF Otto Porter. All better players.

Drafted behind Olidapo (ie. guys the Suns could take instead, which will certainly contain at least one All-Star): Trey Burke, Anthony Bennett, Shabazz Muhammad, Alex Len, C.J. McCollum and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

That's your top 10 folks!

Not very inspiring, but if you're going to draft in the lottery this year, the top 4-5 players is where it's at.

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