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Blast from the past: The Night Barkley would not lose as Phoenix Suns beat Seattle Supersonics, 123-110

One of the best playoff games in the history of the NBA was delivered by the Phoenix Suns' Charles Barkley, who put up 44 points and grabbed 24 rebounds in Game 7 of the 1993 Western Conference Finals.

With the Suns sitting on the sidelines for this playoff season, we here at Bright Side of the Sun thought it would be fun to re-live our team's magical playoff run twenty years ago. While the HEAT and Spurs pushed their way to the 2013 Finals, the Phoenix Suns did the same in 1993.

The Western Conference Finals were epic, and are definitely the stuff of dreams in the Valley of the Sun. The HEAT have LeBron James while the Suns boasted their own MVP Charles Barkley.

Take a look at how Barkley closed out the Sonics in Game 7 to push the Suns to their second Finals in franchise history.

With an incredible display of MVP-dom, the Chuckster further solidified himself in Suns fans hearts. To this day, even casual NBA fans remember that playoff run with a smile.

For the Sonics, their leading scorer in Game 7 was none other than Eddie Johnson. Yes, THAT Eddie who sandwiched that Sonics stint around a Suns run with new coach Jeff Hornacek in the late 80s and a post-playing career in the Suns' organization now spanning nearly twenty years.

Johnson poured in 34 points off the bench for the Sonics, while new Suns assistant coach Mark West put up 11 points in 24 minutes of his own.

The Suns got the benefit of a lot of whistles in Game 7, making 57 of 64 free throws, including 15 of 15 in the fourth quarter alone.

When the final buzzer sounded, the Suns were headed to the Finals with crowd chanting, "Bring on da Bulls!"

**Special Note to "those guys": I realize that, back in 1993, the NBA Finals between the Suns and Bull had already started, with the Suns going down 0-2 at home. Coming this week will be recaps of those and the remaining epic games of those memorable FInals.

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