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Solar Flares - Open NBA/Suns Thread - Draft and Trade Rumors Swirling

Here's an open thread to discuss trade rumors swirling around the NBA, including Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan and others.

A truly amazing day unfolded on Yahoo! Sports columnist and crack NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski.



Check out the Woj feed and watch for more.

Former Suns front office executive and current ESPN columnist Amin Elhassan gives some great takes on the ol' twitter as well.




Check out the whole feed for more really awesome insight into the NBA.

There are other rumors too:

  • Howard wants to play with Chris Paul, maybe on the Clips
  • Clips might want to send Griffin, Bledsoe to Lakers for Howard

Funny how all the rumors are out of LA and Boston, the two markets with the most NBA championships in the history of the league. I'm not saying these are crazy attempts to drive up readers, but none of these trades even passes muster in a fantasy league unless it's Happy Hour (6 hours ago).

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