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2013 NBA Draft Phoenix Suns Workout: Sherwood Brown, Ian Clark, Michael Snaer, Michael Turner Jr. and Korie Lucious for the third time

In the NBA Finals Danny Green is hitting threes racks on racks on racks. Here in Phoenix the team is getting workouts done group by group by group... Who did the team have in today?


The Phoenix Suns held their eighth workout leading up to the 2013 NBA Draft that included more options at No. 57 and a familiar face for the third time. No big names. No first round prospects. Just another workout showing the due diligence nature of GM Ryan McDonough as well as his thorough approach to his first draft running the Suns.

This workout was highlighted by no players rated on the Top 75 of the Big Board, but had some familiar faces. Korie Lucious (Iowa State) was in for the third time for a workout. By now hopefully the team has his number picked out for Summer League and his locker name plate printed out.

Another familiar (name) with ties to the Suns today was Elston Turner Jr. His dad was an assistant here in Phoenix for a few years before being unceremoniously left out of the mix as the interim head coach.

Turner Jr. is a defensive stopper with great size and strength to defend multiple perimeter positions, but was inconsistent as an offensive weapon in college. He has the potential as a shooter, but as a one-on-one scorer he has a ways to go on the offensive end as a whole. Pledger has a similar build as a big, physical guard.

The rest of the workout group had some interesting prospects like Snaer, who became a household name for his heroics including multiple game-winners during his career. Clark is a combo guard that can play both positions and at times was the reason Belmont was so successful in their two-guard system. A system that is relevant in today's NBA.

Dunk City was in attendance as well with Brown who has a nice overall skill-set and was afforded this opportunity based on his teams success in the tournament.

Six months ago, to tell you the truth, I would not have been able to tell you I would be here in this moment. I knew that I had the talent to be here, but I didn't think I was going to have the chance to showcase it.

Here is a scouting take on the prospects:

  • Michael Snaer -- Florida State -- Senior shooting guard: Over the years he has collected his share of game-winners (four, see below) and has the ability to knock down tough shots. He is undersized as a full-time two and lacks the ability to consistently create offense for himself.
  • Elston Turner Jr. -- Texas A&M -- Senior wing: Big, strong physical wing that can be imposing on the defensive end when he is not trying to be an offensive player. He is a quality shooter with space, but not a iso-heavy type scorer. Turner has pedigree with a father that has played and coached in the NBA.
  • Sherwood Brown -- Florida Gulf Coast -- Senior guard: The glue to "Dunk City" is more that just a highlight reel. He can handle the ball, score, get to the rim, and rebound the ball well for his position.
  • Ian Clark -- Belmont -- Senior point guard: Not as highly regarded as his teammate from Belmont, but Clark has the size and play-making ability to be a quality point guard at any level. Quality athlete, good scorer, and feel for the game.
  • Korie Lucious -- Iowa State -- Senior guard: Third time around the Suns know him well. Combo guard, quality defender, and good shooter. Had some issues off the court leading to a transfer, but made the most of the situation at ISU.
  • Steven Pledger -- Oklahoma -- Senior guard: Another sturdy wing with great strength and size for position. Quality defender and good three-point shooter.

***Jeff Hornacek will coach the Summer League team with at least Kendall Marshall, Markieff Morris, Marcus Morris, Diante Garrett, P.J. Tucker, and the draft picks this year

***Overall, the count is now at 56 total players worked out

***The team might have a few more group workouts here this week as early as Thursday

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