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Phoenix Suns Podcast 27: Eight more days until the draft!

This week's episode includes discussion on the NBA Finals and Suns' assistant coaches/summer league representation, but (of course) is draft heavy with continuing pre-draft workouts, rumors, and risers and fallers at the top of the big boards.

Sergio the Spaniard
Sergio the Spaniard
Harry How

I know what you're thinking. Actually I don't, but if I ever become telepathic I'll give you a heads up.

Back to what I was alluding to... What the hell is Sergio Rodriguez doing gracing the cover of the podcast episode?


Rodriguez is the last player the Suns selected with the #27 pick (2006 draft). 27. Hopefully the Suns fare better when they draft #30 (at least likely) next week. Sergio was sold to the Portland Trail Blazers on draft day (Remember the good old days when the Suns were firesaling all their draft picks? Good times.) and left the NBA after the 2009-10 season for Spainier pastures.


I want to thank Kris Habbas for letting me back on the show this week after my vacation. I always have a level of trepidation when I step away from something I'm embarrassingly underqualified to do. The worry -- that somebody will step in and reveal my gross incompetence. Bad thing for you... you're stuck tolerating me for at least one more week. :)

I also want to thank Paul "PLR" Richardson from the Sports Kave for covering my ass filling in during my absence.


Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 27

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