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2013 Bright Side of the Sun Community Mock Draft Sign-Up

Since there has been a ton of response to the blogger mock draft SBNation is running, we decided to give the BSotS community the chance to play armchair GMs. Excited?

Mock drafts are always fun. They're even more fun when YOU get to choose what the teams do. We've been getting a lot of response to the SBNation Blogger Mock Draft, with you guys having a lot to say about the draft choices Dave (and the rest of the Bright Side Front Office) has been making. Well, here's your chance to run things your own way.

Taking a page from Fear the Sword (check out their Community Mock Draft sign-up here), we have decided to give BSotS users a chance to participate in an interactive mock draft. In the comments section of this post, sign up for one of the 30 teams. The teams will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so whoever requests a team first will get assigned that particular team. I will be the Suns so pick anyone but them, please. Hehe sorry.

The actual draft will happen live on Monday, June 24th at 10 pm EST/7 pm PT. We will do the draft on a live thread, which I will be updating as people make their respective teams' picks. Here are some rules:
  1. We are only drafting the first round.
  2. On draft day, you will have 5 minutes to make your pick once your team is up (like the real draft). If you fail to make your pick within those 5 minutes, I (or another moderator) will make your pick for you.
  3. To make your official pick, either post a comment (on the mock draft thread, not this one) with your pick in the subject line or email me a list of your top picks you think might be available at your spot ahead of time.
  4. TRADES ARE ALLOWED. However, I need to make sure they're valid so when you and another user agree to a trade, one of you needs to email me ( so I can approve them. For the sake of this draft, all trades must include at least 2013 one first round pick in the transaction.
  5. If you can't be here on Monday night but still want to participate, you will need to email me your pick ahead of time. Please email me a few options of players you think will be available when you're picking, ranked in your order of preference.

PLEASE TRY TO KEEP THE PICKS/TRADES RELATIVELY REASONABLE. Remember, you're acting as the GM of the team you pick so your moves need to keep your team's best interests in mind, not the Suns'.

Pick your team in the comments section below (once again - first-come, first-served). You can/should also use comments to discuss trades with other users (you may also choose to provide your email address so others can contact you about possible trades). Feel free to ask any questions about something I may have forgotten to mention.

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