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2013 NBA Draft: Phoenix Suns workout Jeff Withey, Deshaun Thomas, Colton Iverson, and others a week before the draft

Just one week before the 2013 NBA Draft the Phoenix Suns brought in their ninth workout group to U.S. Airways Center to continue the preparation for the draft... Who did they bring in today?

Tom Pennington

If the Phoenix Suns decide to go with a wing or a perimeter player with their lottery pick then they are set in their preparation for a big later on in the draft. Today's workout brought in the final group of centers that have the potential of being there for the Suns at the No. 30 Overall pick.

Jeff Withey (No. 23 on the Big Board), Deshaun Thomas (36), Colton Iverson (42), Rodney Williams (NA), Augusto Cesar Lima (NA), and Aaron Anderson (NA) were all in town for a workout just one week before the 2013 NBA Draft.

The two highlight prospects here were Withey and Thomas, both from mid-west schools that reached the Sweet 16 last season behind their best seasons in college. Withey, a former volleyball player, has transformed himself into an elite shot-blocker with the ability to protect the rim in a variety of different ways. Thomas is a stretch four or a post-up three with his size and offensive skill-set.

One thing that has been said about Thomas is that he does a lot of the same things as Shabazz Muhammad, but can be had 20 picks later. Is that a reality? Maybe, maybe not, but Thomas is a very talented scorer and the conversation is not unwarranted.

Two former teammates in Iverson and Williams were "reunited" for this workout as they spent a few years together in Minnesota before Iverson transferred. Four years ago Iverson came in with no acclaim or fanfare while Williams was the "next Tracy McGrady" as a one-and-done prospect. Now, four years later, Iverson is a legitimate prospect and Williams is on the fringe of even being drafted.

Here is a scouting take on the prospects:

  • Jeff Withey -- Kansas -- Senior center: Full Scouting Report
  • Deshaun Thomas -- Ohio State -- Junior forward: Full Scouting Report
  • Colton Iverson -- Colorado State -- Senior center: Full Scouting Report Looking at the lumbering centers that make an impact on the defensive end in Nikola Pekovic and Omer Asik, that is a role that Iverson can play. He has great strength, great size, and is athletic enough to move around the paint to make a defensive impact.
  • Rodney Williams -- Minnesota -- Senior wing: Full Scouting Report Coming into college Williams was seen as a great athlete with unlimited potential. That changed quickly as he struggled with his shot, ball-handling, and overall feel for the game for about three years. He has improved his shot and become a very good perimeter defender, but he showed his potential has a limit.
  • Augusto Cesar Lima -- Spain --1991 power forward: Full Scouting Report Skilled big man that has been on the NBA radar for years, but is finally coming over. Good overall offensive skill-set as a face-up four that can knock down perimeter shots. A little undersized for the position and will struggle defensively against NBA fours.
  • Aaron Anderson -- Kennesaw State -- Senior forward: Undersized four that has a nose for the ball on the glass, especially on the offensive glass. He was second in the A-10 in offensive rebounds this year and averaged 2.03, 3.22, and 3.43 offensive rebounds per game throughout his career.(Local kid, from Tucson)

***The Suns have now worked out 62 total prospects in nine different sessions (technically 64 with the inclusion of Korie Lucious three separate workouts)

***The Suns have now had in 15 point guards, 14 shooting guards, 9 small forwards, 13 power forwards, and 11 centers so far

***There are at least two more workouts scheduled for Friday and Saturday of this week

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