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Bright Side Community NBA Mock Draft UPDATE

With many deals completed and plenty of negotiations ongoing in the 2013 BSotS Community Mock Draft, I thought I'd make a post updating everyone on the trades that have transpired and where things currently stand. Also, look out for a couple additional rules.

With the 2013 Bright Side of the Sun Community Mock Draft just two days away, plenty of mock GMs are in a flurry to move their assets around to try and secure a roster of their liking before the draft goes live. It's been crazy how much of a response we've had to this mock draft - getting through all the emails I've received and verifying the feasibility and financial validity of dozens of mock trades is a great deal of fun and also quite exhausting. I've received a great number of trade proposals between teams, many of which I've approved and a few that I've rejected. Since tons of pieces from teams are on totally different rosters now, I decided to make an update to reveal all the trades that have been approved and completed entirely.

But first, the following are a couple other updates that I'd like to cover.

1) We still need at least four more GMs to take over the remaining drafting teams (Wizards, Pistons, Bulls, and Spurs). Please sign up in the comments below or email me (

2) If you've been assigned a second team with a pick (one of the four above), there has been a rule change concerning you: I think it might be a little unfair to have one person in control of multiple teams' picks. As GM of the Suns, I've tried to make moves to improve Phoenix's assets. However, as commissioner, I've maintained control of some of the teams without any first round draft picks (Lakers, Miami, etc). My plan with them is to do nothing - I will not pursue any moves and have only listened to potential offers. Therefore, I propose one of the following options:

a) People can only be in charge of one team with a pick.


b) People who have been assigned multiple teams WITH PICKS cannot pursue trades using their second teams. I think it just gets to be too complicated to have guys wheeling and dealing with multiple teams at their disposal. If you picked up a second team on top of your first drafting team, you cannot make trades with the second.

And in all honesty, for the sake of the mock draft, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to have a few teams (Washington, Detroit, Chicago, and San Antonio) just make their picks in a straightforward manner and not rearrange their entire rosters.

3) One other update on the rules: No trading future picks. I think if we start adding 2015 or 2017 first round picks into the mix, it sort of defeats the purpose of this mock draft. It's complicated because a future first rounder is a significant asset, however, it is worthless in this mock. Therefore, it's just easier if we leave them out of the equation entirely.

With those updates out of the way, let's now go over all of the trades that have transpired over the last couple days.

Already Transpired Trades

NOTE: The rationale for each of these moves will be explained by each GM during the live mock draft on Monday. All numbers in the following trades are draft picks.

1) OKC-Phoenix :

OKC receives Marcin Gortat + 30; Phoenix receives Nick Collison + Jeremy Lamb + 12 + 32

2) Phoenix-Sacramento:

Phoenix receives John Salmons + 7; Sacramento receives Jared Dudley + 12

3) Sacramento-New Orleans :

Sacramento receives Lance Thomas + 6; New Orleans receives Isaiah Thomas + 12

4) Phoenix-Orlando:

Phoenix receives Glen Davis + 2; Orlando receives Channing Frye + 7

5) Milwaukee-Dallas:

Milwaukee receives Marion + Carter + Crowder + rights to Petteri Kaponen + rights to Nick Calathes +13;

Dallas receives John Henson

6) Denver-Brooklyn:

Denver receives Lopez + Brooks + Evans; Brooklyn receives McGee + Miller + Koufos + Anthony Randolph + 27

7) Atlanta-Houston:

Atlanta receives Thomas Robinson; Houston receives Deshawn Stevenson + 8

8) Portland-Utah:

Portland receives 14 + 21; Utah receives Nolan Smith + 10 + 45

9) Atlanta-Portland:

Atlanta receives Wes Matthews + 21; Portland receives Lou Williams + 17

10) Portland-Cleveland:

Portland receives Anderson Varejao; Cleveland receives Lou Williams + Will Barton +17 + 40

11) Cleveland Phoenix:

Cleveland receives Jeremy Lamb; Phoenix receives 17 + 19

12) Los Angeles Clippers-Boston

LAC receives Garnett + Terry + Lee; Boston receives Jordan + Butler + Willie Green + 25

13) Phoenix-San Antonio

Phoenix receives Danny Green + Nando De Colo; San Antonio receives Michael Beasley + 17 + 57

14) Washington-Sacramento

Washington receives Cousins + Fredette + Thornton + Patterson + #6

Sacramento receives Nene + Beal + #3

Updated Draft Order

After all of those trades, this is now the order of the mock draft on Monday (obviously subject to more change depending on any trades approved between now and then):

Existing GMs can now use this thread to get caught up to speed and continue negotiations with other GMs.

REMINDER: The Mock Draft will go LIVE on a new thread at 10 pm EST/7 pm PT sharp. Remember to be there!

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