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Amico: Phoenix Suns could be swayed to move down in draft, pick up additional assets from Minny

The Phoenix Suns have done deals with Minnesota in the past. Minny is willing to give up a lot for Victor Oladipo. Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio tweets that the most likely buyer is the Phoenix Suns.


Not much to report on this, other than a fairly plugged-in Cavaliers beat reporter who does a lot of twitter chats mentioning that he says the Phoenix Suns are the most likely to take Minnesota's offer to trade down.

Reportedly, Minnesota is willing to trade the #9, #26 and Derrick Williams for the rights to Victor Oladipo, whoever drafts him.



Now this is twitter, so there's no attribution, no reasoning, no extra info at all.

This could all be conjecture, in that Oladipo is projected in many mocks to go 5th overall and Minnesota has previously done deals with the Suns.

People also know the Suns need a reboot. And, the Suns just brought PG Michael Carter-Williams back for a second workout this week. MCW is projected to go in the 9-14 range on Draft night.

What if Ryan McDonough has decided that Oladipo - who a year ago was projected as a second-round pick - isn't worth all the hype?

And what if McD thinks he can get his man AND a couple extra assets by trading down a few spots? Remember that McD had Rajon Rondo pegged as one of the two best players in the 2006 draft before watching him fall down to 21 before Boston bought the Suns pick to grab him. Maybe he thinks someone, like MCW for example, is better than Oladipo as an NBA player?

If that's the case, and the Suns' favorite player makes it to 9 while the lesser Oladipo is in their grasp, why not add more picks and assets?

Amin Elhassan, a professional scout, former Suns front office guy and now a writer for ESPN, chose MCW in the mothership's mock for the Suns at 5 just a few days ago. And there are questions about Oladipo's ability to score enough in the NBA to be more than Tony Allen.

I'm not saying you should start the suicide watch just yet, but maybe you should start thinking about the logistics. I kid. I kid.

95% of what we hear ahead of the draft is just rumor. Nothing more. Someone picked up a phone, someone else answered, and BOOM there's trade discussions going on. The Suns are likely in on a dozen or more trade "discussions" as we speak, almost none of which will come to fruition.

Breath easy, and wait a couple more days.

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